Friday, April 25, 2014


"Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow.'" - The Talmud

It is late April and we have survived the polar vortex Winter of 2013 - 2014. The trees are budding, lawns look as thought they were transported from a Republic of Ireland or New Zealand tourism brochure, the birds are doing what birds do in the Spring and I'm sure the two evil chipmunks that live in my front yard are plotting how this year might be the year when their intricate system of tunnels under my lawn might be completed, thus collapsing everything above.

This happens every year, this Spring thing, so why even write about it? This past Winter was long, cold, brutal, relentless and unforgiving affecting us more than usual, worldwide. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is nothing compared to VAD (Vortex Affective Disorder). We all noticed how our collective demeanor moved toward the negative more than in previous years. By Winter's end we would get an earful on the road from the slightest vehicular misstep. Emergency rooms were slammed by patients suffering from OMF (Overused Middle Finger) Syndrome.

This year Nature is providing another lesson for us all, especially us band of brothers and sisters struggling to find our way, our own recovery.

The rebirth from Winter to Spring this year was a tease with fits and starts repeatedly tantalizing us with hope that Spring might finally be upon us. Just as we would experience a day or two of sunshine and thaw the Great Creator would deliver Northwesterly winds accompanied by rain and sleet to remind us of a great Truth:

"You are not in control, but you can still get on with life."

We who are moving along our own pathways, trails or tangled clearings, wherever our recoveries are taking us can take heart from the message Nature provides us this time of year. Sometimes if we simply take time to slow down, breathe and seek what the Universe is saying to us we can see those Universal and timeless messages directed to us. We can see the possibilities before us.

Rebirth isn't easy, doesn't come without tumult, isn't predictable or concurrent with ANY timetable we might establish. Rebirth is its own reward each time it arrives to greet us. It is a beautiful and unexpected event. Rebirth is God's unanticipated gift to us when we move on with our lives. 

As I look again outside our front door I realize the three purple tulips straining for the morning sun were not part of last Spring's arrival. 

Sometimes this unanticipated gift comes also with unforeseen growth and beauty. 

As we all progress through our Winters we can know we will emerge the better for it. This season is a reminder to take time to feel and relish our rebirth taking place possibly slowly, but assuredly. 

So get on with it!

… keep coming back