Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Haiku For You

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste of adversity. prosperity would not be so welcome."                 ~ Anne Bradstreet
It's been a while since I've haiku'd. What better excuse than springtime to break out one of my favorite forms. Enjoy, have fun with these and relax, the Vernal Equinox is near! Can't you feel it? Look for the secret Parent Depot messages embedded within the 5-7-5 verses!

At five forty five
The Central Daylight Time zone
Will embrace a change

Have you noticed this
I feel Mother Earth turning
Tilting towards the Sun

What is that I hear?
The pop-pop of daffodils
Breaking barriers

I know it's spring, but
The clouds, the cold, still remain
Trust the change will come

Bird songs beautiful
Mixed with awakened squirrel scourge
The Good, with the Bad

A celestial cheer
To the Northern Hemisphere
Warm! Grow! Bloom! Become!

Welcome the springtime 
Embrace its immediate
The colors of life

We have persevered
Our Great Creator's reward
Winter's budge to spring

You get out there now
You've been waiting long enough
Your life beckoning

… keep coming  back