Sunday, December 7, 2014

When THE BAD Happens

"The wound is the place where Light enters you." ~ Rumi
It is inevitable - The Bad. The Bad can take many forms depending on where we are on our journeys. Whether a traveller has recently embarked on his journey of recovery or has seen months, years or even decades of pathways traveled, The Bad, when it visits us, is a wrenching and cataclysmic occurrence. It brings us to our knees like nothing has since we were, days, months or years ago, struck down in defeat by our son's or daughter's addiction.

The Bad is often amplified by previous or recent events. Illness, work stressors, relationship issues, loved ones struggling with their lives can all be triggers and perhaps harbingers of The Bad. It is as if The Bad knows we have been weakened, we are at risk - vulnerable. The Bad knows when to strike, and where. It will hit us where it hurts the most sometimes through our sons and daughters who have brought us to our journey, and, sometimes, and this can be more devastating, through people or events outside our immediate pathways.

The Bad seems to come out of nowhere yet in retrospect should not have been totally unexpected.

There were signs.

When The Bad hits like a sledgehammer we ask, yes we do ask, we have to, we ask our Higher Power, God, the Universe, the Great Creator, "Are you kidding me?"

Things are going so well. Our pathway is level, our journey moving along as hoped for. But there is that mist off in the distance, those thunderclouds looming portending something calamitous. We ignore these as our paths take a gentle turn or slight upsloap to our next horizon. We have conquered so much, overcome our deepest fears and worst tendencies, we have learned so much, we've changed, we've grown. The darkness in the mist far ahead, those thunderheads are miles away.

We're doing so well.

So why worry?

Then it happens - The Bad. Seemingly on cue, dramatically, The Bad reveals itself in a phone call, an event, a conversation or one of those epiphanies of self that can destroy from within. The Bad strikes us at our core being. It finds what is dear and loved deep within our souls and commandeers our most treasured hopes and dreams like a master thief.

Again we are brought to our knees, defeated.

We ask the Universe, "Really? Is this my reward for giving everything over to You, for embarking on this journey of self actualization?"

We get no answer. But we are NOT alone.

The Universe, the Great Creator, God, the Great Spirit is awaiting our answer to our own question.

We ponder if The Bad is a cynical response from the Universe to our improvement, putting us in our place, or a reminder that our hubris could be, or will be, our downfall?

Well yes, and perhaps, no.

As The Bad envelopes us, do not fight it. Accept it.

The Bad is not a punishment or a Universal response to our misguided belief we are in control of our recovery. The Universe will  never punish us for striving.

The Bad is a reminder that we still have work to do. Those mists, the thunder clouds were not as far off as we thought. For months, or even years we have been ignoring obstacles to our self actualization. Until now we've not been inclined to pay much attention, we were not ready. When we were ready, the  Great Creator manifested these obstacles, the character flaws and deep-seated habits and life patterns that would have prevented us from continuing our journey.

The Bad was simply the trigger. The Bad knocked us down long enough for the storm of our flaws and self-destructive behavior to catch up, surround and envelope us.

The Bad is our opportunity to confront our worst demons and to call out to the Universe, "Thank you. I get it now. I'm ready."

We know we are not alone. we feel the love of our Higher Power with us, supporting us, lifting us to our feet and declaring, "I'm still here. I will not leave you in your time of need."

Our eyes opened, our souls receptive ..

We see. We see, finally!

The Bad never leaves, it remains etched forever deep inside our hearts as evidence of what inspired us to acknowledge what had been ignored. This inspiration calls us to reinvent ourselves. Our memory of The Bad will always remind us to be vigilant and hold fast to the gains we've achieved. We are brought to a place of sunshine, flowers and cool breezes.

We've not felt this strong and self assured in a long time.

One day, we'll pen The Bad, whatever it is, on our list of Gratitudes, then resume our recovery journeys unburdened of self deception. We become comfortable in ourselves, in our Truths.

We show up. We are present and more self aware than ever before. We may even smile that it took us so long and are grateful for the gentle hand of the Universe for being there for us.

We will find only our fellow travelers can relate when we share the multitudes of The Good that have been realized from accepting The Bad. In a twisted and counterintuitive whirl of Universal synchronicity, The Bad has inspired the best in us.

We shake our heads in disbelief and accept the inevitability of our powerlessness. With tears welling we embrace all this, we revel in all the blessings we are receiving and our new-found consciousness of self and gratefully accept The Good in our lives.

It really is a hell of a ride, isn't it?

… keep coming back
"What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise." ~ Oscar Wilde
"Anticipate The Good so you may enjoy it." ~ Ethiopian Proverb